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What I can teach you


Give presentations

Whether you're presenting a business idea to potential investors, a new strategy proposal to your boss or a school project to your teacher, your confidence and ability to influence people through your voice is what will make the difference between failure and success.


Improve your voice

A strong, commanding voice is one of the most powerful tools you can have in your social skills arsenal. This is what will allow you to get people's attention, inspire them, win their respect and make sure they remember you.


Motivate and lead

Leadership is about influence and persuasion, being able to show people your vision and engage them in achieving it. A great speech has the power to make people love you, respect you and follow you anywhere you lead them.

Did you know that to many people the fear of public speaking is bigger than the fear of death? Are you ready to overcome this fear? How determined are you to share your message?

We are usually afraid to stand up and to stand out. This is understandable because it is much easier to blend into the masses. But many of us are not okay with being just a grey nobody. Many of us want to get to know, who they are, and show themselves to the world. If you are one of these people then I will work with you gladly to go against the fear of public rejection and to effectively share your message with the bigger public.

What I offer at GaborSpeaks.com is highly personalised training because I realise that problems can vary big time. So once you decide that you want to learn public speaking then I will offer you an hour for free. In this hour we will get to know each other, and I will ask about your experience, expectations and motivation. I will also ask you to fill out the free personality test at 16personalities.com. After these two steps are done, we speak through the results and design a training course together. We will focus on what you want to learn and I help you to learn the way you learn the best.

What others are saying

Gabor is a great speaker and mentor! He knows a lot about public speaking, storytelling, vocal variety and how to give a constructive feedback. I can really recommend him to everybody who wants to improve his/her public speaking skills. - Dominika Walska

When GaborSpeaks everyone listens. It's a real joy meeting and working with Gabor. He's tremendous speaker and devoted mentor. I found my way to Toastmaster club thanks to workshop organized by him. I was impressed by his knowledge of public speaking and the way he shares it with others. And I still am. Thank you, Gabor! - Tomasz Wesołowski

As a startup founder, I reached out to Gabor early this summer to take 1-on-1 public speaking lessons with him (...) Through physical/relaxation, mental and verbal exercises that we rehearsed each lesson, my public speaking improved tremendously after about 2 months of once-a-week lessons. - Binh Ho

How much it costs



360 zł

60 zł / hour


720 zł

60 zł / hour
Number of lessons 3-4 6-8
Lesson length 1.5 - 2 hours 1.5 - 2 hours
Free first meeting
Personality test
Fully personalized course
Vocal improvement
Preparation for presentations
Networking tips
Business pitching practice
Fun experience guaranteed

How to start


Contact me and let me know you're interested. You can also ask any questions on your mind


Get an hour with me absolutely for free, so we can get to know each other. You'll also take a free personality test


Together we'll design a training course tailored specifically to your needs that will help you achieve your goals