Learn Hungarian

Lengyel, magyar – két jó barát

Why Learn Hungarian?

It's Unique

Hungarian is surrounded by Indo-European languages but it is not one of them. Hungarian is an agglutinating language that makes it super playful and fun. It also creates humungous words like “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”. Yes, this is one word, but don’t worry, it's much longer than average.

It's Desirable

With relatively few people in Poland speaking Hungarian many businesses fight for translators, as well as customer service, finance or accounting specialists and many more fluent in this language. That means that learning Hungarian might be one of the biggest steps in your career path you'll ever take!

It's Fun

Learning a new language is not just useful - it's also extremely fun and rewarding! Apart from greatly improving your CV it can also have an incredible effect on your social life, making it possible to establish deep, cross-cultural connections and friendships, meet interesting people, and become a more interesting person yourself!

“Your language is weird! Hungarians came from planet Mars!”

These or similar to such are the comments that I hear often when I tell people that I am Hungarian. Maybe we are indeed Martians but for sure there is a benefit in learning Hungarian:

  • You could learn a completely different language. Hungarian is surrounded by Indo-European languages but Hungarian is not one of them. Hungarian is an agglutinating language that makes it super playful and fun. It also creates humungous words like “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”. Yes, this is one word, but don’t worry, this word is much longer than the average.
  • Hungarian pronunciation is easy, clear and it does not change much because we utter the same sounds we write. Also, we use a lot of vowels that gives a unique melody to Hungarian. If you speak, for example, Polish then you would learn all the vocal spectrum possible because Polish is a consonant based language. Yes, Polish is one huge tongue twister.
  • “Lengyel-magyar két jó barát, együtt harcol, együtt issza borát!” 🙂

I am a Hungarian native speaker and I would love to share this beautiful and unique language with you. You can forget the boring classes that you have experienced with mentally and methodically old people. As a great conversationalist, I am offering one-on-one classes, where conversations take the main focus of our interaction. And yes, we will have a conversation in Hungarian very soon, don’t be shy. 😉

What I offer:

  • Teach you the language focusing on conversations
  • To express yourself freely
  • To have a fun learning experience as opposed to the boring classroom experience
  • Suggesting learning methods and materials, with which learning Hungarian feels natural

Come speak Hungarian with Gábor at GaborSpeaks.com! 😉

How much it costs?

I sell my lessons in 6 hour batches with a set hourly rate - 40zł/hour, so you get 6 hours for 240zł, 12 hours for 480zł, 18 hours for 720zł and so on.
  • Lessons are only conducted in one-on-one classes
  • Every student gets an hour for free, where we get to know each other and our expectations
  • Payment for the batches happens before the first class takes place.


You can get your first 2 batches (12 hours) for a special hourly price - 20 zł/h
(120zł for 6 hours or 240zł for 12 hours)

How to start


Contact me and let me know you're interested. You can also ask any questions on your mind


Get an hour with me absolutely for free, so we can get to know each other. You'll also take a free personality test


Together we'll design a training course tailored specifically to your needs that will help you achieve your goals