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Hi, I’m Gabor!
I am a public speaker, who loves social events and engaging with people frequently. I am a great conversationalist, you will have fun next to me. 🙂 My approach to public speaking is holistic, that is, for me, public speaking is much more than a skill to learn. More than just a way to make more money. Public speaking is a tool to get to know yourself, how you can use your mind, your body and soul to share a piece of you through speaking. I live in Kraków, trochę mówię po Polsku. 🙂

Why Public Speaking?

Because when I left the murky ranks of corporations in 2016, I asked myself this question: “What would I do even if I didn’t get any money for it?” The first thing that came to my mind was public speaking so I googled “Public Speaking Kraków” and Toastmasters Krakow English Public Speaking Club came up. I went to their first meeting in May 2016 and I am a part of this club since 1. September 2016.

Major learning achievements:

I have received from Toastmasters the Triple Crown award in 2018 for finishing three educational tracks (Competent Communicator, Competent Leader, Advanced Leader Bronze) within one year.

I have received from Toastmasters the Advanced Communicator Bronze Award in June 2018 and  Advanced Communicator Silver award in June 2019. I am currently working on the projects of the Advanced communicator Gold programme, which is the highest achievable public speaking programme at Toastmasters.

I have finished a two-semester long improvisation comedy course in December 2018 with the Polish master of improvisation, Alan Pakosz.

I finished two trainings in Laboratorium Meisnera in August 2018: Introduction to Meisner and Making Monologues Meaningful in August 2018.

I have completed the 8-week-long Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course at MindHarmony in Kraków in May 2019.

Stage appearances: about 200 times in the past two years, typically I gave speeches anywhere from 2-15 minutes.

I have listened to and evaluated hundreds of speeches.

Apart from the above, I have taken singing lessons, storytelling classes and I participated several times in stand-up open mic. I have given my first workshop in January 2018. Most of the things that I have learned, I learned through experience and want to share with you.


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